Appreciation from the client
By Daniëlle Ritsema
Recently, we as an organization have been able to benefit from Emma’s qualities and research. We were very happy that she wanted to do her graduation assignment with us and continue her previous research. It is very much in line with the internal developments regarding innovation within Welzijn. Society is becoming increasingly digital, but we are not yet developing our assistance sufficiently.
By being able to use an accessible experiment like Emma’s, enthusiasm is cultivated. In addition to giving positive energy, it has also had a positive effect on the willingness to change within the team of social workers. The results of the study are interesting and positive. We see that clients are more active in their counselling process between appointments, feel more seen and it encourages the social worker to reflect in favour of a neutral professional attitude. During the discussion of the challenges, it also turned out that this sometimes deepened the aid process. Because of some assignments, things came up that the social worker indicated that he would not have approached otherwise. In short, very interesting insights for which we are very grateful to Emma.
Internally, we will investigate how we can continue the principles and ideas from Emma’s project with available resources. The experiment and research has been so successful for us that we are working on further development.
It was very pleasant to work with Emma. She was always available to talk about her research and willing to come to us extra. I, and my colleagues, have always appreciated her commitment and passion for research. She has shown a very good commitment.
In addition, she has also invested in a good working relationship with the social workers team. She has created a safe climate for them to experiment by explaining a lot about her prototype and platform. She did the explanation one on one, in a group and in writing and visually. She was also always quickly available for questions. This reduced the uncertainty that some social workers had. Everyone was and is very enthusiastic about Emma, her prototype and her research.
We will definitely miss her and would like to thank her very much for her efforts within our organization.